Katherine regularly investigates bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, victimisation and misconduct complaints. She understands the sensitivity required in these matters and how complex they can be.


  • A high quality personal service
  • A skilled, timely and procedurally fair approach
  • Regular progress updates


  • A well written and comprehensive report
  • Sound management of legal risk
  • Objectivity and independence


Employer relies on investigation report to defend unfair dismissal claim

The Employer, in defending its decision to dismiss an employee, relied on an investigation report prepared by Katherine Wirth Consulting. Commissioner Nick Wilson, in the decision of Anthony King v The Trustee for Bartless Family Trust t/a Concept Wire Industries (U2017/1068) praised Wirth’s “meticulous and balanced investigation process”. Commissioner Wilson stated, “Some investigation reports seen by the Commission in this jurisdiction fail to get to the heart of such a situation and rarely undertake a true balancing of the evidence seen by them. In the case of Ms Wirth’s investigation report she records the process by which she interviewed nine people including Mr King; then made findings on the balance of probabilities of matters of evidence; and finally made findings about the overall import of the evidence”.

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